The Tele-ophthalmology project: To reach the unreached and to solve the underlying problem of providing quality eyecare in the remote areas of the region a culmination of Technology and Medical Services will now enable a Doctor sitting at Laitumkhrah to Check and Screen a Patient at Nongstoin. As a pilot project, using VPNoBB connectivity, the vision centers are being video conference to each other and live stream of slit lamp imaging and audio and video has made it possible for us to solve the main problem in the state that is the manpower challenge. With so few ophthalmologists and so many people to cater to, the blending of technology with medical sciences has made this possible.


The Tele-ophthalmology Bus: A van that is the mobile unit for the teleophthalmology project of Bansara Eye Care Centre. It is rightly called ‘Vision on Wheels’ and is a mobile eye care unit that is equipped with a slit lamp, auto-refractometer, vision drum and laptop with 3G connectivity for referring patients to the doctors using e-sanjeevani (a tele-medicine software provided by C-DAC). It also has a portable LED slit-lamp and the Optomed which is a portable fundus camera for carrying out a comprehensive eye care examination.  With this bus and using a market day approach, essential eye care is being provided to the people of Meghalaya living in remote villages. School Eye Screening and eye camps are being conducted in a weekly basis soon to become a daily affair.