The Society for Promotion of Eye Care and Sight is a result of a movement in the city of Shillong by individuals belonging to different educational, professional and religious backgrounds concerned with the plight of the stiffening eye patients and visually impaired patients. After several planning sessions and meetings, the constitution of the Society containing the memorandum was passed and the Society was registered on 17th August, 1992.

Society for Promotion of eye care and sight (SPECS) is a non-profitable society registered under The Society, Registration Act 7 of 1990 No. SR/SFPOECAS-455/92 of 1992. FCRA No. 214250096. It is the charitable wing of Bansara Eye Care Center.

Aims & Objectives:

  • To care for the people with sight problems by preventive, curative and rehabilitative measures.
  • To care for people who need eye care by establishing or co-operating with established institutions for the purpose of rendering assistance – physical, medical educational, financial or otherwise, without distinction of caste, creed, race or religion.
  • To establish centres for the blind where they may receive vocational training.
  • To form or take part in the formation of and to become member of organisations, both national and international, for the care, treatment, training and general welfare of people with sight problems.
  • To promote, assist, encourage and activate government and non-government organisations for the employment, rehabilitation and overall treatment of the blind.
  • To create awareness of and concern for problems of sight among the general public through publishing, printing, circulating materials and through all media

Our Experience in Eye Care Delivery Services:

  • Serving the needy population of the state of meghalaya since 1992 in Eye Care Delivery Services by providing Curative, Preventive and Rehabilitative Care.
  • Eye Health Education Campaign throughout the state in the form of exhibitions, awareness camps, poster campaign and awareness through electronic and printed media.This has been done by the organization itself and also in collaboration with NRHM, SSA units of different districts, District Blindness Control Societies, Social Welfare Department, Various NSS Groups, Meghalaya Blindness Control Society, Lions Club of Shillong, KJPA, Youth organizations and  Different Self Help Groups
  • The first organization in the State of Meghalaya and second in the entire North-East Region to successfully implement Tele-Ophthalmology Services. Also first in the north east and probably in the country to carry out real-time ophthalmic video and image overlay transfer protocol with embedded tele-ophthalmological services.
  • Providing training to various staff of the state and North-East Region in eye care services for both government and private sector for the state and north-east region.
  • Rehabilitative and Low-Vision aid services are also being provided to the people.

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