BANSARA Eye Care Centre had a humble beginning in 1996 as a first-aid facility for eye patients and catered to burns, injuries and emergency cases. It was opened in the residence of an eye specialist with the intention of providing prompt medical care to those whose condition was really critical and needed immediate attention. The Clinical and OPD facility was started in 2001 followed by the Surgical Unit (O.T.) in 2002. The Centre was established as an extension of the already well known BANSARA Eye Clinic at Mawkhar in the busy commercial area of the city. This facility was started in up market Laitumkhrah in premises measuring about 4,000 square feet. This new location of a branch clinic in a posh locality of the town together with excellent healthcare facilities helped to establish the name BANSARA as the premium brand for Eye Care in Meghalaya.

In 1998, BANSARA Eye Care Centre started the OPD facility from 8 AM to 10 AM as the eye specialist was available only in the morning hours and it was also done keeping in mind rural patients who had to catch the afternoon bus to commute back to their respective villages on the same day.

OPD hours were increased from 8 am to 12 noon in order to cater to the increasing number of patients seeking specialized eye care by engaging one more part-time eye specialist. Thereafter, an additional schedule was added from 4 pm to 6 pm owing to even more demand from office goers and people in service who like to make an appointment after they get off from work in the evening.

Eight years after its inception, BANSARA Eye Care Centre has developed into a well equipped Centre with diagnostic and surgical facilities able to handle Cataract, Glaucoma, Sac and Lid and allied eye surgeries. Operations are conducted four days a month.

At present the Centre is fully functional and manned by 5 Doctors(4 Full time and 1 Part Time), 12 Para Medical Staff(Fully Qualified Optometrists) and 4 Qualified Nurses for assistance in the O.T. We also have a sincere and dedicated administration and support staff team that is working together to make the once  just conceived dream into a fruitful reality. With this team of dedicated and efficient staff, it is able to provide quality eye care to those in need.

The location advantage and the specialised and prompt medical service by dedicated and highly trained personnel has enabled BANSARA Eye Care Centre to establish itself as a trusted and time-tested institution that has the capability to cater to the ever growing needs of people in the vicinity of Shillong and all adjoining Districts of Meghalaya.


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